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Cyberpunk Bibliography


Author Title Publisher Year
 Miller Jr, W.M  A Canticle For Leibowits    
 Burgess, A  A Clockwork Orange    1986
 Faust, C  A Death Of Honor    
 Effinger, G.A  A Fire In The Sun    
 Stackpole, M.A  A Gathering Evil    
 Kerr, P  A Philosophical Investigation    
 Hamilton, P.F  A Quantum Murder    
 Dick, P.K  A Scanner Darkly    
 Shirley, John  A Song Called Youth    
 Vinge, Venor  Across Realtime    
 Gibson, William  Agrippa  Not Published  1992
 Gibson, William  All Tomorrow's Parties    1999
 Womack, Jack  Ambient  TOR Books  1987
 Williams, Walter  Angel Station  TOR Books  1989
 Skal, Dan  Antibodies  Worldwide Library  1988
 Parfrey, A  Apocalypse Culture.(Pomo/industrialism - nonfiction)    
 Clugh, Bryan  Approaching Zero (nonfiction)    
 Mason, L  Archane    
 Williams, Walter  Aristoi    
 Moran, D.K  Armageddon Blues    
 Krueger, M.W  Artificial Reality (nonfiction)    
 Krueger, M.W  Artificial Reality II (nonfiction)    
 Noon, J  Automated Alice    



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